Created from clinical and research units from four university hospitals linked to the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, i2B integrates a unified workforce of physicians and researchers with shared programs and objectives.


The governance comprises:

  • The Executive Committee (EC):
  • The EC meets once a month (plus any additional time when required) and is responsible for supervising all the operations:
    • Implement the global strategy
    • Prepare and manage all the communication tools (website, leaflets...)
    • Review of the progress of the WP and reports; approve and/or make recommendation
    • Review of educational activities and reports; approve and/or make recommendation
  • The Scientific Committee (ScC):
  • The ScC meets once a year to review the progress of scientific and educational programs and to provide advice on any adjustments required. It also makes proposals for dissemination (i.e. scientific meeting) and training activities.


One i2B member supervises valorization aspects and work closely with LUTECH, thereby benefiting directly from its services. LUTECH is a technology transfer acceleration company (SATT), launched by UPMC and the CNRS as part of Investing for the Future. LUTECH has five priority sectors, two of which are at the heart of i2B activities.

​DHU: I2B - Members

Dissemination and Publications

Two i2B partners oversee the publication and dissemination aspects. They prepare the annual publication report with a critical review of the impact factor and visibility of i2B publications.